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Do you need more time?

More time to spend working on your business rather than on administration?

More time to spend with your family?

If you're like most business owners you will probably spend long hours working. EJ Bookkeeping, Payroll & Administration has the solution. We can help you to achieve both.

EJ Bookkeeping, Payroll & Administration provide comprehensive business bookkeeping, payroll and administration services to small and medium sized businesses in Bolton, Bury and the surrounding areas. We are friendly, professional and we genuinely care about improving your business.

We can work at your premises, at our office or both. We can take on as much or as little of the workload as you want. No matter what your business is, EJ Bookkeeping will take away the burden of your administration away.

Above all we are flexible and will tailor our service to your exact requirements.

Tailored Business Solutions

Your business is unique. It will have different goals and opportunities and no doubt it will face unique problems and challenges.

This is why EJ Books provides solutions tailored to your exact requirements.

Are there areas of your business administration where you need more help and others where you need less help?

EJ Books can tailor a solution.

Is your business seasonal or are there times of the year when you are very busy and need extra help?

EJ Books can tailor a solution.

Do you want to pass the headache of all your bookkeeping, payroll and administration to someone else?

EJ Books can tailor a solution.

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Expert And Qualified

Eilleen has more than 30 years working in the finance sector, as well as running her own business. The industries she has had personal experience include Construction (Private House Builders), Nursing Homes, Manufacturing and Employment Agencies. Within these businesses Eilleen has been a financial clerk, an office manager, and a wages clerk.

Eilleen says, “My wealth of experience in a variety of industries has given me a depth of understanding and knowledge that I am now keen to use in helping other small businesses."

Eilleen is a member of the IAB – International Association of Book-keepers.